3 finishing touches for the perfect wedding

In the midst of wedding planning, it's so easy for details to slip through the cracks.  Some can be compromised, but certain things call for your attention.  We've picked our 5 details below that will elevate the overall aesthetic of your wedding with minimal effort, and are must dos on your planning checklist!  And the best part is, you can totally do this on a budget!

01. A unique cake topper

You've spent all that time rushing to tasting appointments, painstakingly choosing just the right flavor and ingredients and carefully crafted the final look.  The cake of your dreams is absolutely perfect, short for one thing - how to top off something so beautiful?  Picking the right cake topper and make or break your gorgeous creation, and nothing beats a customized topper that unique and speaks to you as a couple!


02. Personalized glasses

What better way to let your most special guests know just how important they are to you than personalized items?  Wine glasses are the perfect blank canvas to add that special touch, and look gorgeous on any table.


03. Favors to delight

You know you love walking away with precious little somethings at the end of weddings, so make sure your own are up to par!  Look for small ways to add your personal signature like charms, or package them in a way friends and family will know it's from you.  Favors are the quintessential way for guests to have a little piece of your day, so make sure it reflects you!


As you go through your wedding planning there will be hundreds of things wanting your attention - the key to successfully executing your vision is picking what's important to you and your overall aesthetic and not to stress about the rest.  

The 3 items above are definitely on our list of things deserving time and attention; what would be yours?  Let us know!

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