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First Time Mom – Maternity Clothes Tricks

First Time Mom – Maternity Clothes Tricks

If this is your first time entering the magical world of motherhood, then prepare to be amazed and dazzled by what awaits you in the following period. You’ve probably heard all the stories about pregnancy – the mesmerizing glow, the sensation once you feel the baby’s kicking and other enchanting things that make pregnancy one of the most memorable periods of your life. Of course, there are those, not-so-pleasant aspects of pregnancy that are going to make this process a bit uncomfortable. The swollen ankles, a bigger bust and of course, a significant weight gain are inevitable factors when it comes to pregnancy, but this surely isn’t a reason to sacrifice your style. These few handy tricks will show you how to design wonderful outfits for the next couple of months and also how to wear your regular clothes even with a baby bump.

Under Trouble

Once the baby bump starts forming and you start gaining some weight, not only will you notice that your usual garments don’t fit, but you’ll also have a fair amount of issues regarding your undergarments as well. To avoid the issue of renewing your whole wardrobe, the best thing to do is rely on some alternative ways of dressing. Firstly, your bust is going to increase at least for a size, so the best thing to do is opt for bra extenders. You can attach them directly to your old bras and get the familiar comfort with just a bit more room. Another common problem you’ll experience is your undies not fitting well because of the belly. This can be solved simply by opting for under-the-belly undies which won’t create any discomfort and will suit you perfectly.



Go with The Flow

During pregnancy days, dresses with simple cuts, tunics and oversized blouses are going to become your best friends. The most important thing when choosing your maternity clothes is to feel pleasant and comfortable and these garments will provide you just with that. Anything flowy or loose will give your skin a chance to breathe, but will also provide just enough room so you wouldn’t feel trapped in your own body.

Dark and Subtle

No matter how wonderful and completely normal pregnancy is, the truth is that you’re going to feel a bit uncomfortable in your own body – and that’s perfectly okay. Of course, if you find yourself feeling a bit insecure, then the best solution is to opt for garments that’ll help hide certain undesired spots. Choosing clothes in darker tones can make you appear smaller than you actually are and give you a dose of elegance, while subtle prints are also a good idea if you’re looking to downsize your belly a bit. Another thing that can greatly help you experiment with style, prints and colors is embracing the art of layering. Unbuttoned blazers and cardigans should become your essential garments during pregnancy days.



Transform Your Jeans

As your belly continues to grow, you’ll experience some difficulty buttoning up your old jeans. That’s why it’s a good idea to try adding another button or simply securing your pants with a rubber band. Of course, every woman going through pregnancy should have at least one pair of maternity jeans, but it’s crucial to find some great discounts, given the fact that these jeans can be quite pricy.

The following nine months are going to be like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Make sure to withstand this pregnancy like a true lady, dressed by the latest fashion. Employ your sewing skills, rely on simple DIY hacks and invest in a few lifesaver additions, which are going to become your essential kits in the following period.







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