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First Date and How to Act Accordingly

First Date and How to Act Accordingly

Starting to feel butterflies in your stomach because the guy you’ve had a crush on has finally asked you out? So, what are you going to wear? Heels or flats? Should you get a haircut? And what in the world are you going to talk about? Millions of questions in your head, and no right answers on the horizon.

Our advice? First, don’t stress as much – if he’s asked you out, you must have done something right. But to take your dating game to a higher level, go back to a few basics:

Casually Flirty

First things first, chill – the first date won’t really differ that much from any other conversation you two might have had. Still, keep in mind that this casual chit-chat can be the beginning of a serious relationship.

Are you known for being a nervous talker? Although there are guys who think of babbling as a rather adorable quality, you never know how he’s going to react. This doesn’t mean you should be quiet the entire time, but make sure you don’t get carried away. At times, he might ask a couple of questions like how are things at work, just to keep the conversation going, but that doesn’t mean you should go into too many details about the things he knows nothing about, and people he has never met. 

Dress for the Occasion

In most cases, girls are unsure of how formal the date is going to be and end up shopping for countless outfits, just in case. Guess what – you can always ask him to give you a hint! But if want it to be a surprise, then try to find a golden middle. Nothing to short or too tight is a rule that has to be stressed each time (leave something to his imagination), but eventually, it’s crucial that you feel comfortable. Flats or not? If you expect a lot of walking, certainly, but if you’re looking forward to a dinner date, then elegant white heels are a must!

Mild Scent

We understand you have probably already chosen the ideal perfume for the night, but one thing has to be emphasized –  don’t drench yourself in it! Just imagine how it must be for him, sitting by your side (maybe even leaning forward to whisper sweet nothings) only to get intoxicated. For this reason, the scent should be placed strategically on your pulse points – the neck, palms, cleavage, and the back of the neck. By the end of the night, all he’ll do is hold you close and sink into your sweet-scented aura.

A Good Night Kiss?

You think it all went well? Do you want to know how he feels? Then bite your tongue before you pop the when am I seeing you again question, put him in an awkward position and risk sounding too desperate. If it all went well, he’s bound to call!

So what’s the right way to say goodbye at the end of the night? Leave him wanting more – slowly step away before the kiss, but remember to turn around one last time, glance at him coyly and walk away. After this, he’ll forget all about the three-day rule!










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