12 Lavender Loop Ribbon and Pacifier Favor Ties Baby Shower Adjustable Gift Wrap

Le Petit Pain

$ 9.99

  • Each tie has an adjustable elastic loop on the back as shown in picture
  • Loop is held in by two tear drop shaped beads in lavender
  • Elastic loop can be stretched out to about 2 inch diameter
  • Product dimensions - 1.5" Width x 2" Height x 0.25" Depth
  • Total of 12 favor ties
With an unlimited amount of uses for decorating, these baby pacifier and ribbon favor ties can be used on anything from hanging on soda bottles (for baby shower events), looping around small favor boxes, and anything you can imagine. There are 6 favor ties in a packaged set and 2 sets per order. Total of 12 pieces. *NOTE - Small glass vial in photo not included.

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