Pastel Hot Air Balloon Hearts Cloud Baby Nursery Garland Banner 5 Strands 3D Decoration

Le Petit Pain

$ 16.99

These fun and cute 3D hot air balloon garlands are a great way to decorate the nursery or your little one's bedroom, or even hang them up for a fun and exciting event. Perfect for themed birthdays, baby showers, weddings, and more!

Super easy prep required for 3D effect. Balloon circles are shipped flat with 3 layers sewn on together. Hearts are sewn with 2 layers. To create the 3D effect from the balloons, simply fold along the sewing line with all 3 pieces of balloon circles (or 2 pieces of hearts), and spread out the creases evenly to create a 3D effect!

Garlands can tangle- be careful when unwrapping and unrolling the garland to prevent tangling.

CAUTION: Keep away from small babies and children. Choking hazard. String may wrap around neck causing choking. Do NOT hang garland directly above a baby or where it may endanger a baby. This is not a toy.


  • PREMIUM QUALITY- Garland is made from quality craft paper & hand-sewn with thread. Super easy assembly required for balloon circle. See description for details.
  • PERFECT SIZE - Each balloon circle is 3 inches in diameter. White clouds are approximately 3 inches wide. Gray hearts are approximately 1.5 inches width.
  • PLENTY TO GO AROUND - You get a total of 5 strands of garland per package. Each garland is approximately 5 feet long.
  • ALL EVENT READY - Ready to use for any special events right out of the package- simply fold along crease lines to create that 3D look! Perfect for birthdays, baby showers, and more!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Back by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. By Chloe Elizabeth.

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