Pink White and Gold Glitter Circle Polka Dots Paper Garland Banner 10 FT Banner

Le Petit Pain

$ 9.25

Use several of them together in one area hanging down, or from side to side to bring glitz & glamour to your party. Perfect for your birthday party, new year's party, engagement party, wedding, it's a girl baby shower, anniversary party, gender reveal party, pregnancy reveal party, bridal party or any other big celebrations. Be creative and hang below your fireplace, add it to your banners, or place many in a row for a quick chic curtain. 

  • Garland is made from quality craft paper & hand-sewn with thread
  • Each paper circle (dot) is approx 2 inches in diameter
  • Each garland is approx 10 feet in length
  • Picture shows SEVERAL garlands strung together side by side. Package only comes with ONE 10 ft garland strand.
  • Unroll & unwrap garlands carefully. Due to delicate nature of thread, can tangle.

CAUTION: Keep away from small babies and children. Choking hazard. 

Garland tangles easily- be careful when unwrapping and unrolling the garland to prevent tangling.

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