How to Throw a Chic Company Gathering for Less

By: Roxana Oliver

How to Throw a Chic Company Gathering for Less

Everybody wants their company parties to be fabulous. However, throwing a fabulous company party requires plenty of planning. You might even put too much effort and money into a party that ends up feeling forced and unnatural. If you wish to have a successful company gathering that everyone will enjoy, you need to learn how to go with the flow. What is more, you can organize a party without spending a fortune, and here’s how I’ve managed to do it.

Use what you already have

Office parties are usually set at different locations such as bars, restaurants or outdoors. However, if your company is trying to lower the expenses, the parties will have to stay within a certain budget. In such cases, you can use the space you already have and throw a cheap and chic office party. Look around your building and use the game room, foyers, conference rooms and other spaces that could accommodate a party and start setting up decorations.

reusing decorations

Organize some games

A party is not complete without some fun games. Whether you’re celebrating at your office, somewhere in the nature or any other venue, make sure everyone has a fun way to spend their time at the party. If it’s a blogger event - even better. Bloggers make money by being creative so this is bound to be fun. If it’s a holiday party, you can easily organize some competitive games to lift the holiday spirit, such as ugly sweater contest, cookie decorating and similar. If you’re somewhere outside, you can play football, toss Frisbee or engage in some couples’ games to improve teamwork. Also, if you’re having a party at a restaurant or a pub, you can easily divide in teams and engage in some fun trivia quizzes and encourage some healthy competition among your employees.

Schedule during work time

Your employees will understand why the party is on the budget, but they might not like the idea of staying after work for not-so-mandatory office party. In order to make things easier for everyone and motivate your employees further to just kick back and relax, you should plan the party during office hours. Set the date and time for the company gathering on Friday afternoon, for example, and let your employees unwind. Since they will have half a day off, they will appreciate you and the company more, everyone will be happy and you won’t lose huge amounts of money on the party.


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Get the food

No matter where you’re having your company gathering, snacks are mandatory. You can opt for a lush lunch for everyone at a restaurant if you choose such a venue. Also, if you’re going somewhere in nature or you’re staying at the office, you can rely on skillful catering staff to provide you with the most delicious food without spending a fortune. Wicked foods corporate catering was my favorite when I was throwing a party with my fellow bloggers at High Style Life. What is more, many catering services similar to this one, offer different food packages, so everyone can enjoy their meals.


diy crafts

Decorations as well as accessories are there to get us all in the festive mood, but they don’t have to be something huge. Stick to the simplest decorations and pay attention to details. You can easily find inexpensive decorations at the local supermarket or pound shop, or have your employees work together to craft some decorations themselves.

Everyone loves office parties and their unique spirit. However, you don’t have to go over the top and spend a fortune; with these simple tips you can create a fun company gathering and still stay within a budget.



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